retail consulting firm.

 Jessica Ramirez, a Jane Hali and Associates retail research analyst, believes that the retail landscape has been changing slowly, and the pandemic is accelerating it. “There eatnowdrinklater eat now drink later Website eat now drink later com were too many stores in the United States,” Jessica Ramirez said. “Macy’s space was a joke. However, there’s enthusiasm in visiting an establishment; you simply need to have something that draws customers into.”

 Many analysts believe that brick-and mortar shops will not be an option in the near future for retail. Instead, they will be used as channels for branding. “You still have people that grew up in the late 1980s and 1990s leading large enterprises that had physical assets, stuck with this notion of brick-and-mortar stores as an investment in profit, but this will no longer be true,” says Lee Peterson the executive vice president of WD Partners, a retail consulting firm. “The attitude needs to change to one where physical is all about brand and online is all about buying. What makes me want to shop at a department store?

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